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Business Development Consulting and Planning 

Investing in e-commerce is not risk-proof. The choices you make can lead to boosted profits – or unwanted setbacks and financial loss. What makes the difference between the two? Expertise and experience. Where there is a lack of them, there is a drop in efficiency and growth. We will help you avoid these issues by providing expert consulting and planning services. 


E-commerce is a constantly developing industry with a promising outlook for the next 10 years. Knowledge of the market and good planning are a must for reaching success. We offer start-to-end solutions that will guarantee top results for your e-commerce business. With our development techniques, your business will be more dynamic and adaptable to changes in the industry. We test and certify each of our technology solutions, use our knowledge and expertise to match your expectations from the start.

Our expert consultants have assisted numerous customers in creating business strategies. They are top of the trade when it comes to planning projects and setting out roadmaps for web/mobile development. What you get is a realigned and improved development process, backed by cost-efficient tech solutions. Planning services provided by our company are future-oriented and innovative, yet they bring tangible practical results in the present.

Our services:

Business research and model planning


B2C and B2B solutions development


IT management and structure systems


Bug-free payment gateway solutions


Social commerce (social media websites for business growth)


Comprehensive marketing planning


Building affiliates and resellers


Management and supervision of business processes


Management of affiliates and resellers


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